Man Tries To Turn Around On Narrow Street, Sinks Car In Water Reservoir Instead

July 19, 2018


This is a video from Shangrao City in the Jiangxi Province of China of a driver who tries to turn his car around in the bend of a narrow road when he accidentally steps on the gas in reverse and sends his car flying into a water reservoir. He then climbs out of the vehicle and swims back to shore. If he's anything like me after I crashed my girlfriend's car into a creek, he walked home and told his wife she won't believe what happened to him on his way home from work today, but he was actually on his way to buy her flowers when he was surprise attacked and sunk by King Neptune himself. For the record, my girlfriend didn't buy it, despite the fact I cut the water to the house to make it more believable because 'he's probably still mad at me.' She packed her things and left the following weekend. Of course, telling her that Neptune was probably angry in the first place because "I slept with like, a ton of mermaids" probably didn't do me any favors.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to David W, who informed me he would have just gone down with his ship to save himself the embarrassment.

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