Man Mods His Car's Windshield Wiper Fluid Spray To Shoot Kombucha Tea In His Mouth While He Drives

July 25, 2018

Note for non-superheroes: Do not drink windshield wiper fluid.

This is a video detailing Daniel Tillotson's dream of having an automated kombucha tea delivery system in his Subaru. The solution? Modding the car's windshield wiper fluid spray nozzle (after rinsing the system out a million times) to blast tea directly into his mouth whenever he pulls the lever. Pretty clever. My personal hydration solution? I always drive wearing a beer helmet filled with two Brisk Iced Teas, but that's just me and I get pulled over all the time for some reason and don't wanna get dehydrated sitting in my car.

Keep going for the video, but skip to 3:25 if you just want to see the system in action.

Thanks to Henderson, who modded his air conditioning system to make snow cones when it's hot out. Also smart!

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