Looking Good: SUV Covered In Black Outdoor Carpet

July 10, 2018


This is a short vertical video from a man who found a Chrysler Aspen SUV covered with black outdoor carpeting in a parking lot somewhere. Whoever installed the carpeting appears to have done a very professional job (even adding some to the rims -- and cutting around the letters on the side of the car), and there's no doubt it hides dings and dents better than paint ever could (perhaps minus that magical ultra-black stuff). I just wonder how it affects gas mileage. Somebody should run some experiments. "Do you actually care?" No, I just wish it was green so I could have a picnic on the roof while being driven around the city. How romantic would that be? "More scary than romantic." You know, I've actually been banned from ever competing on The Bachelorette for being TOO romantic. The producers said the other guys wouldn't even stand a chance. "I feel like you're lying." They also said there's no way they'd be able to film my penis without convincing NASA to turn the Hubble Space Telescope around. "And why would they be filming your penis?" I didn't ask questions, I just told them I get it.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Landon P, who agrees there better be a two-hole mini golf course on the roof.

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