Kickstarter For A Trogdor The Burninator Board Game

July 20, 2018


(above) The $60 Burninator version, which includes the wooden meeples found in the $40 Wingaling version, as well as high-quality plastic ones.

Because good things come to those who wait, this is the (unsurprisingly already funded) Kickstarter campaign for Trogdor!! The Board Game. Some more info while I daydream about all the village burninating/table flipping I plan to do:

For centuries, the legendary wingaling dragon Trogdor the Burninator has terrorized the peasant kingdom of Peasantry with his scorching flames and greased-up beefy arm. Now, he has descended from the mountains once again and will not stop until he burninates the entire countryside and all those unfortunate enough to get in his way!

You and up to 5 friends -or maybe people you just paid to come over- take on the roles of a cult of hooded creepos calling themselves the Keepers of Trogdor who have devoted their lives to aiding the mighty dragon in his quest for total and complete burnination.

Take turns guiding Trogdor on his destructive lost weekend around Peasantry. Help him avoid pesky knights and archers, devour peasants, burninate the countryside, and, of course, the thatched roof COTTAGES!!

The basic game starts at $40, with deluxer editions available for $60+ (including an ultra-fancy $1,800 version). Me? I'll be cool with stealing the $40 version from a friend, then unthinkingly inviting that same friend over to play for game night because I don't actually have that many friends to choose from. "Wait, is that my chef's knife too?" I almost cut my balls off stealing it, you're not getting it back. "But--" No, my balls.

Keep going for two videos: the Kickstarter one, and a 15 minute clip of actual gameplay starring a real-life Strong Sad.


Thanks to Jeffrey S, who invited me over to play as soon as it comes out, so I guess I know who's game I'm taking.

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