It's That Time Of The Year Again: Alaskan Brown Bears Hunting Salmon Live-Streams

July 12, 2018


These are two live streams (one more up close and personal, the other a wider shot) of brown bears at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park in Alaska hunting for sockeye salmon as the fish attempt to make their way upstream to breed and die (it's how I wanna go). It's a live stream of a stream. Man, I wish I was one of those bears. They really look like they're living the life. I mean, at least until they head back to their cottage at the end of the day and realize they've been home-invaded by some blonde girl with particular taste. Then what? "Guilt her into holding the camera while you film one of those buttcrumb-free Charmin toilet paper commercials." Exactly.

Keep going for the live streams.

Thanks to Alan, for reminding me to pour one out for Timmy Treadwell.

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