I'd Live There: A Tiny House Inspired By The Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Module

July 12, 2018


This is the little 250-square foot getaway home built by boat designer Kurt Hughes, who drew his inspiration from the Apollo 11 lunar landing module. The tiny house sits on three large steel beams that elevate it nine feet over the grassy slope it was built on above the Columbia River in Washington. Obviously, it's the perfect home for going to bed pretending you're an astronaut, then waking up and picking up right where you left off. Space is a lifestyle.

a staircase offers an entry point into the 250-square-foot home which comprises an open floor plan lit by a large geodesic dome skylight. a kitchen with stainless steel appliances occupies a small space near to a dining area which is situated by a window overlooking the river and the hillside. meanwhile a retro-styled mirror and semi-spherical basin styles a wash area just off the bathroom.

a small ladder leads below deck where a bed sleeping two people is neatly positioned. upstairs, a small outdoor deck offers a space to look upon the surrounding wildlife.

Man, I would totally live there. And I'm not just saying that because I love space, but also because, at 250-square feet, it's almost double the size of my current apartment. FULL DISCLOSURE: I live in a 12-foot by 12-foot glass box in an alien zoo. "You don't live in an alien zoo." They want to breed me! "They don't want to breed you." How do you know? "I read your chart." Pfft, you can't read alien. "⊝⊨⊩ ⊞⊣⊤⊦⊧ ⊠⊡ ⊢⊥ ." Holy shit, you're one of them!

Keep going for a bunch more shots.










Thanks to Lucinda, who likes smaller places because they're more intimate. Totally, same here (plus I've never been able to afford anything bigger).

  • Closet Nerd

    OH... MY.... GOD..... THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!
    Love the land around it too! Amazing!

  • That bed must get dusty.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Only real deal-killer for me ever living in a Tiny Home is that I've heard it's a constant battle to not have it smelling like a toilet all the time.

  • GeneralDisorder

    You could always have the toilet outside of the tiny house. Or make the bathroom more of an out-house.

  • Mark

    true, and having the sleeping quarters in the lowest part of the house is most likely going to be a collection area for everything that goes on in the capsule.

  • Munihausen

    ..and I would like an hour on the Holodeck with Seven of Nine!

  • The_Wretched

    Her husband used to force her to have 'relations' with other men at clubs.

  • Munihausen

    I thought her testimony was just that he brought her to club in NYC / Paris, and she saw what was going on, not that he forced her to engage or that she otherwise did.

    *ahem, I'll think about it for a while and get back to you, though.

  • Just keep your hands off Deanna Troi...she's mine.. ;-)

  • AtomicMountain

    Really blends into the landscape, huh?

  • Eric Ord

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  • TheQiwiMan


  • Eric Ord

    lol to get people to look at my posts (check the link)

  • TheQiwiMan

    ..I'm not sure its going to work out the way you think it will..

  • Mark

    I will be the first to agree with you.

  • Eric Ord

    Have you ever seen The Last Jedi?

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