I Could Have Taught You That: Science Teacher Leaves Parabolic Mirror In Car, Melts Interior

July 26, 2018


These are several shots of the aftermath of San Francisco science museum teacher Mark 'Zeke' Kossover leaving a parabolic mirror he made in the back of his Subaru Outback on a sunny day. The mirror, which Mark made by covering a DirecTV satellite dish (presumably stolen from a neighbor during a rainstorm) with reflective Mylar film, was intended to be part of a solar oven to cook food with the power of the sun. Instead, Marc cooked the plastic interior in the rear of his car. I really feel like a science teacher should have been aware of that possibility. Or maybe this is just a public service announcement disguised as ignorance. I do that all the time myself. "No, you do dumb stuff then say you did it on purpose to teach everyone a lesson." Well well well, I guess you've got me all figured me. Seriously though don't use lighter fluid in the oven.

Keep going for a couple more shots.




Thanks again to Henderson, who, despite two tips used in a row, they're a day apart, so this one only counts as your first towards a three-in-one-day gold star sticker. I'm sorry, but rules are rules.

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