How To: Turn A LEGO Storage Bin Into A LEGO Collecting Vacuum Attachment

July 25, 2018


This is a video from The King Of Random walking you though the steps of turning a LEGO storage bin into a vacuum attachment that will collect all the pieces you suck up. It's basically just a box that sits between a shop vac and your end sucking hose with a screen filter in the box below the return hose to the vacuum so LEGO pieces fall into the bin and aren't sucked into the actual vacuum. Simple enough. Personally, when it comes to picking up LEGO pieces off the floor, I see only one of two options: 1) not picking them up and finding them with your feet in the middle of the night or 2) telling your kids you'll pay them a penny for every LEGO brick they put away, then stealing all the money back while they're sleeping and telling them the Tooth Fairy took it because they tried selling cavity teeth.

Keep going for a video of the device in action, which seems to struggle to the point of making almost any other method of LEGO cleanup just as effective.

Thanks to carey, who agrees whatever happened to making your kids clean up after themselves or not getting any dessert?

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