Holy Smokes: Retaining Wall Fails In Istanbul, Causing Entire Building To Slide Into Pit

July 27, 2018


These are two videos from a construction site in Istanbul, Turkey. The first is of a retaining wall failing spectacularly, creaking and groaning and shooting metal pieces off before finally coming crumbling down. Authorities say the collapse was a result of heavy rains and Mickey Mouse engineering. The second video is of the building above sliding down into the hole after the retaining wall failed. Apparently the building "was built illegally in 1994 and it had no construction license or occupancy permit and had problems with its foundation." Wow. Obviously, I just called my landlord and demanded he provide me with proof that the apartment building was built to code and won't be collapsing anytime soon. Also to send somebody to patch a few holes. "What happened?" A pirate friend and I got INTO IT. "Captain Morgan?" He's not welcome here anymore, not even for parties.

Keep going for the videos, but watch them in order and make sure to have your volume on.

Thanks to Marc B, who agrees sometimes retaining walls just get tired of retaining and want to try something different.

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