Highlights From The 2018 World Sign Spinning Competition

July 13, 2018

This is a highlight reel from the 2018 World Sign Spinning Competition on Freemont Street in Las Vegas. There are a lot of slick moves. Maybe not as attention-getting as my sign spinning moves, but we can't all be the best. "You flipped your sign into the street and got hit by a car." And it was all over the evening news! You can't pay for better advertising.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Dunc, who'd like to see what Inspector Gadget could do in a sign spinning competition.

  • Deksam

    I am more impressed with skills that could actually be used in life's survival.

  • Pun Punny Ajjimaporn

    ok, so ... which way is the store? if you keep spinning those things around it would be super hard to know where exactly the store is at.

  • PowerGloveKid

    enthusiastic crowd they got there....

  • GeneralDisorder

    I guess there's lumberjackcompetitions. Of course there's competitions for other boring jobs.

  • Douchy McDouche

    HA! And my parents said that sign flipping was a poor career choice! Take THAT mom and dad!

  • kodama

    Psh. None of their signs are on fire.

  • Jenness

    How is this a thing?

  • shashi

    because this is the future (as promised by idiocracy)

  • GeneralDisorder


  • TheQiwiMan

    So the goal I guess is to make sure not one single person runs the risk of accidentally being able to read what’s actually written on these signs they’re dancing with?


  • FearlessFarris

    100% I'm stopping my car to shop at whatever mattress store these guys are promoting.

  • Wooder

    ok so break dancing with cardboard is a competition!

    Lets make it interesting and do a paper cut competition NOW that's entertainment!

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