Guy Makes Three Pizzas In 39.7 Seconds Practicing For World's Fastest Pizza Maker Competition

July 12, 2018

This is a video of Domino's employee Rene DeGuia making three pizzas (a pepperoni, a mushroom, and a plain cheese) in 39.7 seconds while honing his skills for the World's Fastest Pizza Maker competition. Personally, I like my pizza made with TLC instead of raw speed, but that's just me and I prefer quality over quantity. Unless I'm hungry, then slap that shit together and get it here as quick as possibly, I don't care if I have to scrape it off the top of the box with my teeth.

Keep going for the video while I call Rene and let him know that pepperoni placement is a customer complaint call just waiting to happen.

Thanks to speakerbox, who informed me he used to be a pizza driver. Congratulations, now put these pantyhose on your head -- you're my new getaway driver.

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