Fun-Loving Scientists Provide Commentary For Deep-Sea Fish Attack

July 20, 2018


This is a video of an Atlantic Midshipman fish attacking some sort of holographic fish from the future (actually a species of barracudina) from its burrow some 500 meters below the ocean's surface while three scientists provide some live, light-hearted commentary. It's worth a watch. And not just to remind yourself that the ocean is a terrifying place, but it is and they should really put up signs.

Keep going for the video, but make sure to stick around for the twist, extra-tragic ending.

Thanks to Crash & Smash, my new middle names.

  • Kelsey Leigh

    I love this website and group of scientists! They do deep sea dives all the time and its so interesting. It’s great for background noise and views, sometimes boring, but then all of a sudden something incredible happens and you feel like you’ve adventured through the deep sea with them. 10/10 would recommend

  • Oh man, I was expecting to actually get some commentary on what exactly was going on here. Should have known it was just some people responding exactly how I did. Scientists, they're just like us!

  • Doog

    "Yeah science, bitch!"

  • GeneralDisorder

    These people most definitely love their jobs.

  • Jenness

    I loved it when they spoke for the snail and gave sound effects. Science just seems a lot cooler with sound effects LOL

  • Kristen E. Garcia

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  • TheQiwiMan

    Holy crap that fish tried to go all Harry Potter Death Eater smoke-form!

    Didn't look super effective.

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