First Person POV Of Kayaker Dropping Down 100-Foot Waterfall

July 24, 2018


This is some heltmet-cam footage of a kayaker taking the plunge down a 100 foot waterfall in Ram Falls Provencial Park in Alberta, Canada. Man, not knowing if you're gonna die or not -- that must have been exhilarating. Like me worrying if I'm gonna pass in my sleep every night before bed, which might explain why it's so hard for me to actually fall asleep. I took six melatonin and was still up watching alien conspiracy videos on Youtube at 4AM. But look at me -- I'm still alive, aren't I? "Are you really though?" Not for many years, no.

Keep going for the video (complete with a shot from below at the end so you can appreciate the height) while I ride over that waterfall straddling a beer keg with the tap nozzle in my mouth straight guzzlin'.

Thanks to speakerbox, who offered to buy me the keg to ride if I agreed to wear a shirt promoting his new energy drink, which I agreed to despite the fact it tastes like it contains at least 400% your RDA of animal urine.

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