Dog Steals GoPro, Films His Speedy Getaway

July 31, 2018

In what looks like the only FaceTime call I would ever have an interest in answering, this is a short video of a dog who steals a GoPro and takes off running, providing a rear-facing view of his getaway the entire time. If it weren't for the human's (futile) effort to chase the dog, I'd say the whole thing was set up. What's the camera attached to anyways, the handle of a ping-pong paddle? You think he can play? I bet he's a shark. "He's a dog." Obviously, I meant like a pool shark. "Did you though?" Ten bucks says he has fins.

Keep going for the video, but you can watch a value-add version with the Benny Hill chase theme (Yakety Sax) added HERE.

Thanks Cyndi M, who informed me her dog would have just hidden somewhere and torn the camera apart. Sounds like somebody I know. Ahem, MARGARET.

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