Dog Goes Cross-Eyed Trying To Look At the Butterfly On Her Nose

July 26, 2018


This is a video of sweet Siberian Husky girl Cymber's mind melting after a monarch butterfly lands on her nose. She also goes a little cross-eyed trying to see what the hell is going on. My dog? She chases butterflies. Actually, she chases everything, including leaves and her tail and anything that looks like her tail. One time there was a fly in the house and she hunted that thing for a solid hour before finally catching it by the patio door and injuring it. Then she wasn't sure what to do with it (it was her first actual catch) and looked to me for direction so I popped it in my mouth and swallowed it so she knows what to do next time. My girlfriend thinks I'm disgusting but I'm a dog whisperer.

Keep going for the video.

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Thanks to Luc, who agrees Cymber was probably just pondering the mysteries of a butterfly's photosynthesis. "You mean metamorphosis." Do I? "Yes." Okay.

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