Demonstrating The Nikon Coolpix P1000's 125X Optical Zoom By Zooming On Distant High-Rise, The Moon

July 18, 2018


These are two videos of Nikon's new $1,000 Coolpix P1000 camera being put through its zooming paces by being focused on a distant high-rise building, and the moon. Admittedly, that 125X optical zoom is pretty impressive. So, you think if you zoomed that thing in as far as it can go on my eyeball you'd be able to see my soul? "Maybe if you still had one." The devil told you about that, huh? "And to win a big stuffed prize at the fair?" You don't get it, I was worried my girlfriend thought I was a loser before. "And now?" She left me shortly after and didn't even bother to take the giant emoji turd.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Gary G, who agrees soon we'll be able to actually zoom THROUGH objects.

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