Cloven-Toed Pumps With Big Toe Separated From The Rest

July 20, 2018


These are a pair of cloven-toed pumps from designer Maison Margiela ($825). They're also available in a different style in red for $1,080. "Camel toes." I forgot we were on the back of the school bus. You know I've actually owned several pairs of split-toed running shoes before (Nike Air Rifts), and I have to admit: they start to stink like shit fast if you don't always wear split-toe socks with them, which how could I because Nike was charging $10 a pair. I remember in college I used to stretch my feet out as far as I could under the desk in front of me and the person sitting there would constantly look around trying to figure out where the smell of death was coming from. Little did they know. "You're a monster." I belong in a cage. "You really do." Poke me with a stick!

Keep going for the red style.




Thanks to Andrea, who agrees these are perfect for your next Eyes Wide Shut style furry party.

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