But Why?: A 6-Foot, 225-Pound Gummi Pizza

July 31, 2018


This is the world's largest gummi pizza, measuring approximately 6-feet in diameter, and weighing in at 225 pounds. The pizza was made individually slice by slice (so it's technically not actually one big gummi and, at least in my mind, is disqualified for the world's largest title) by Vat19, who plan on selling each 28-pound slice for $150. How many calories are in a slice? 34,272. That makes the entire pizza a whopping 274,176 calories, or enough to give everyone you've ever known and cared about diabetes.

The colorful colossus features five fruit flavors representing different parts of the pizza: orange (crust), strawberry-banana (cheese), mango (banana peppers), green apple (olives), and cherry (pepperoni). Gnaw off a hunk of your favorite flavor or open wide to enjoy a whole fruit gummy buffet in one bite!

Obviously, that does not sound like the pizza flavor I'd choose to order when I decide to stay home on a Friday night because none of my friends ever answer my texts. Then they'll all post pictures on Instagram together at the bar. Why don't they ever include me? Why are my friends so hard all the time? "Probably under-the-counter boner pills." What? Oh! LOL. You know you're all I really need in this crazy world anyways.

Keep going for a video of the gummi pizza making process, reveal and eating at 4:10.

Thanks to Jess, who agrees that is way more than enough gummi for multiple short, medical condition plagued lifetimes.

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