Burglar Breaks Into Escape Room, Forgets How He Came In, Calls 911

July 13, 2018


This is a video news report from Vancouver, Washington of a burglar who broke into an escape room business in a strip mall, took a cell phone, television remote and 12-ounce Bud Light can, forgot how he entered the building, then called 911. No word if the escape room plans on using his story in future advertising campaigns.

The Clark County Sheriff's Office responded to NW Escape Experience looking for the burglar who broke in. However, the burglar -- when he called 911 -- said his home was being broken into and gave a fake address.

He reportedly took a cell phone, TV remote and a beer from the fridge prior to calling authorities.

"The sheriff said he had a burrito and he was settling in to have a breakfast and a beer I guess and then got scared because he couldn't get out," Rob Bertrand, owner of NW Escape Experience, said.

The burglar had broken the back door trying to get in -- and couldn't remember where the other door was. Apparently, turning to authorities for an escape, at the time, seemed like the right thing to do.

Man, who breaks into an escape room thinking they're going to hit it big? I can't imagine anybody believes an escape room actually has any significant amount of cash on hand. Or was this more of a shotgun approach to burglary -- just break in anywhere and see what there is to take? Also, where did this burrito he was eating come from? Did he bring that with him? I take back what I said, this man is a professional. Call Ocean, tell him we have the team assembled.

Keep going for the news report, which really should have included video of the guy in there.

Thanks to Jacoby, who agrees the key to beating any escape room is sneaking a sledgehammer in (put it in a pant leg and walk like you have stiff knee) and using it to demolish the weakest wall. I've already set four records.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I had a friend who was on disability from wrapping his car around a telephone pole and killing his buddy in the passenger seat.

    He was also a huge pot-head before the accident and after the accident he still smoked but he was on anti-seizure meds that didn't play nice with mary-jane.

    He smoked up at home and called 911 saying "I smoked too much weed. I'm having trouble breathing and I think I'm gonna die". Cops showed up, confiscated what was left of his stash, ambulance arrived and gave him a quick examination. I guess he was physically okay but had a panic attack.

  • Douchy McDouche

    So basically he cheated.

  • Doog


  • TheQiwiMan

    Lesson Learned: Make sure to always carry around a spare burrito.

  • GeneralDisorder

    You have to be sure you eat the burrito before you're in cuffs. Cops will take it away. If they miss it the jail won't and they'll just throw it away.

  • TheMajesticWaterRuffalo

    the black market for tv remotes must be nuts

  • GeneralDisorder

    I used to watch this show where a former professional burglar would mock-break-in and then teach people how to prevent what he did or at least slow them down.

    Great show. The one thing I remember most is that he always stole the remote controls. His reason was something like "I grab all the remotes because depending on how much time I have I may not be able to steal the tv or the stereo. So if I can't steal it I can inconvenience the idiot who made it so easy to break in"

  • Geekologie

    Pssst, you got anything universal?

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