Bicyclist Ignores Draw Bridge Warning Gates, Immediately Rides Bike Right Into A Gap In The Bridge

July 18, 2018

Because some cyclists don't believe the laws of the road pertain to them, this is a video from the Racine Street Bridge in Menasha, Wisconsin on the 4th of July of a 37-year woman who bikes between the draw bridge warning gates, and immediately into a gap in the bridge. What did she think she was going to do, jump it? (I would have jumped it)

A little over a minute passes before people realize what happened and rush to her rescue.

One person pulls the woman and her bike from the gap while another appears to be on the phone to officials. More people rush over to help.

The bridge operator was alerted to the incident and kept the span open until the area was clear.

Thankfully, the woman wasn't crushed to death and was treated at a local hospital for only minor face injuries. Seriously though, what the hell was she doing? Did clipping the warning gate throw her off and prevent her from stopping? Did she not notice the very steep incline directly ahead? It had to have looked like a wall. I need answers because this does not make any sense. "Drunk and fearless." Say no more.

Keep going for a 26 minute video of the incident from beginning to ambulance leaving and bridge reopening, but the actual fall is around 0:40.

Thanks to CarbonCopy, who agrees she clearly forgot to engage the rockets on her rocket-bike.

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