Awww: Little Kid Holds Super Mario 'Tap Here To Power Up' Sign For Marathon Runners

July 12, 2018


This is a short, sweet video of a young boy holding out a 'TAP HERE TO POWER UP' sign painted with a Super Mario mushroom to give marathon runners the boost they need to finish the race. I notice he's also wearing a safety helmet in cause anybody gets TOO powered up. Smart thinking. I like how he really tries pushing the sign out extra far out for the guy who clearly needs it the most (he's walking), but the guy opts not to power up. That was a mistake, and he failed to finish the race. "How do you know?" He didn't hit the sign! He probably passed out from exhaustion a block later. Tell me I'm wrong. "You might be." I'm not though. "Agree to disagree?" No deal, we'll go fight in the parking lot.

Keep going for the video in both Instagram and Twitter varieties in case you have a preference (at least you can scrub in Twitter).

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Thanks to Ann L, who agrees if there's if you ever see a kid holding a power up sign, you tap that sign like a decent person.

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