Another Day, Another Hair Stylist Cutting Hair With Fire

July 25, 2018


(above, in the mirror: regret)

This is a video of California hair stylist JR D'Angeles torching a woman's hair because he claims that scissors cause split ends, and fire doesn't. Sure, fire can also prevent any ends at all. Previously: men's fire haircuts in India and this dude who cuts hair with fire, samurai swords AND razor talons. For reference, my mom still cuts my hair, and she only uses electric clippers and TLC.

JR D'Angeles, 54, smothers the woman's long brown hair in moisturizing serum containing an accelerant before igniting it. After letting the strands burn for a few seconds, he combs it through to make the burnt ends fall to the floor.

I like how he's just using a Bic lighter. That would definitely make me feel comfortable. Admittedly, his first few burns seem relatively controlled, but there's no way you can tell me that last one didn't get out of hand and he ruined that girl's cut. Man, that salon must smell heavenly. "Like barbecuing an Ewok." Mmmmm!

Keep going for the full video.

Thanks to Jaclyn P, who agrees fire can solve almost any problem, and not needing another haircut for a very long time is one of them.

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