Ahahahahahaha: The Sizzle Reel For Mountain Dew's 2011 Call Of Duty XP Tournament

July 10, 2018


This is the hard to watch sizzle reel from Mountain Dew's 2011 Call of Duty XP Tournament that took place in Los Angeles, California. It starts bad and gets worse from there before getting even worse than that. I had to watch it in parts to break it up into almost manageable pieces, although I still gagged a lot. Remember in middle school when an older kid on the back of the school bus convinced you that the Yellow #5 food coloring found in Mountain Dew makes your penis shrink? Well that's 100% true which is why I drink it by the 2-liter.

Keep going for the video and try to watch it all the way through in one sitting -- it's a doozy.

Thanks to Ash, who can't believe things looked so much more promising back in 2011.

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