A Viking Axe Straight Razor For Shaving Your Beard

July 18, 2018


This is the $125 Straight razor warrior axe in Viking Celtic Nordic style Free Shipping original men's gift (I copied and pasted) handcrafted by Magic Ethnics and available for sale on Amazon. The functional straight razor is made from tempered steel and each comes in its own wooden storage box. Personally, I'm terrified of shaving with a straight razor, but my older brother does it, despite not being manlier than me in any way whatsoever. For the longest time growing up I actually thought he was just an aunt who lived with us. It's cool, we've always joked around like that. Hi Frank! Also, I've only had a straight razor shave at the barber's once, and I was petrified the entire time that he was going to purposefully slit my throat because my brother might have paid him to.

Keep going for several more shots while my brother and I take turns texting photos of ourselves flexing to intimidate one another.




Thanks to Tank, who agrees it should really come with a little stump you can drive the axe into for storage when not in use.

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