A Homemade 4-Foot NERF Inspired Rocket Launcher That Shoots Pool Noodles

July 5, 2018

Because everybody has to die somehow, this is a video of the testing of a NERF rocket launcher that shoots foam darts made out of pool noodles with PVC pipe endcaps for tips. From watching, I'm pretty sure it's just a fancy looking potato cannon. Regardless, they use it to destroy a foam mannequin head, a watermelon, and an X-Box 360. Of course it would probably do a lot less damage if it were just a sealed pool noodle without the PVC endcap tip. I'm not saying I'd take a plain pool noodle to the belly, but I would take four to the face simultaneously because that's just the sort of man that I am. "An idiot." In the absolute purest sense of the word.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Crayeth, who agrees anybody who doesn't tell you how to build the dangerous thing they're demonstrating on their Youtube channel can't be trusted. You're not allowed to be the only ones having fun.

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