A Comparison Of How Much Air Is In Different Brand Bags Of Chips

July 17, 2018


This is an infographic (full graphic with even more info below) created by the folks at Kitchen Cabinet Kings using the water displacement method to determine the air-to-chip ratio for 14 different brands of bagged chips (plus canned Pringles). The results may surprise you. Or they might not surprise you at all. I'm definitely going to surprise you though when I jump out from around the corner of the chip aisle at the grocery store. Hoho, gotcha! Oooooh, chips and dip, nice choice, you going to a party? "Thinking about it. I see your cart's full of nothing but condoms, pudding packs, and Fruit By The Foot." *winks* I'm also going to a party.

Keep going for the full infographic with even more learning to be had.


Thanks to Vex, who agrees if you want to buy chips with the least amount of air, go with Oreos.

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