$440,000: You Can Now Buy That Arm-Mounted Jetpack Suit

July 24, 2018

Remember that jetpack suit created by Gravity Industries (previously posted HERE and HERE)? Well now it's commercially available through an exclusive deal with UK department store chain Selfridges (the logical choice) for only $440,000. I mean, really, who needs a house or absolutely anything else anyways?

The suit along with all its components weighs 27kg [~60 pounds] and can fly at altitudes of 12,000 feet (3,658 meters) with a top speed of 32mph. Five gas turbine engines are fixed to the arms and back of its carbon fiber exoskeleton that gives the suit a flying time of up to four minutes. The suit is assembled from 3D-printed parts. Included in the price is a mandatory training on how to fly and maneuver it.

Wait -- it can fly to 12,000 feet but only has a flight time of UP TO four minutes? Is that even enough fuel to get to 12,000 before screaming back down to earth? *crunches the numbers, probably completely wrong* Nope, you'd hit a max altitude of 11,264 feet before running out of fuel. Now I'm not saying this jetpack suit isn't all it's cracked up to be, but I am saying I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find out it's actually powered entirely by hamster wheels.

Keep going for a video of inventor Richard Browning flying around in front of a Selfridges to promote the jetpack, which also includes an interview where Richard states they're working on another version with up to 9 minutes of flight time, or about a third of almost decent.

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