25-Foot Sexy Jeff Goldblum From Jurassic Park Statue Erected In London

July 18, 2018


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park as well as promote their streaming service, UK based Now TV erected this exquisite 25-foot long statue of Jeff Goldblum in front of London's Tower Bridge, modeled after Dr. Ian Malcom's sexy lounging scene from the movie following the t-rex attack. Sure the face isn't that great, but who's looking at the face? I only have eyes for that nipple. No word if London is just one giant collective boner right now, but there's also no way that it isn't.

Keep going for a few more pictures (while I take a pregnancy test, even though I already know I'm at least having twins), including a screenshot from the movie for reference, as well as one of some people who brought folding chairs so they can just bask in all of Jeff's sensual glory.




Thanks to Laura and Allyson S, both of whom mentioned unmentionable things in their emails.

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