Womp Womp: Man's Carpentry Project Falls Apart As He's Just About To Finish

June 1, 2018


In life in a nutshell news, this is a video of a man constructing a headboard and nearing completion when all the wooden pieces he's already placed fall to the ground like the ending to the saddest game of Jenga. What the hell was holding them in place, toothpicks? This isn't a finger sandwich, bro, this is a headboard. "Now I want a finger sandwich." Me too! I'm thinking turkey and swiss, what kind do you want? "One with the knuckles and fingernail removed." Okaaaaay, I'm gonna call the police now.

Keep going for the video. Also, I wish I could laugh but I've never ended a carpentry project not in the hospital. Double also, as commenter Ollie Williams pointed out, you can see the clamp at the bottom fail, causing the crash.

Thanks to David D, who agrees this guy still has another failure to live through before third time's a charm.

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