Woman Attempts High-Speed Barrel Roll Into Gas Station, Manages To Walk Away

June 27, 2018


This is some surveillance footage from a Marathon Extra Mile gas station in Flowood, Mississippi of Shelby Lynne May driving under the influence like some kind of dumbass and unintentionally attempting to barrel roll her car into a gas pump. The ground stops her, and Peppy Hare is not impressed. Amazingly, the gas station didn't explode in a fireball, no bystanders were injured, and Shelby was treated for only minor cuts and bruises before being arrested for driving under the influence. Don't drink or do drugs and drive, folks. If you're not willing to attempt a car stunt sober, it shouldn't be attempted at all. "What about a person in the middle of the desert with a pitcher of margaritas and a pair of homemade rocket skates?" I'm not holding your ramp again.

Keep going for the video of Always Uber Shelby.

Thanks to Mike M, who apparently lives in the area and knows that gas station. Valuable info, Mike. Almost TOO valuable.

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