What Is Wrong With You?: Idiot Rides Down Steep Concrete Water Drainage Passage In Shorts

June 14, 2018


*after riding, to his buddy at the top of the hill* "Don't do it!"

This is a video of a man with apparently nothing left to lose riding a steep concrete water drainage passage in nothing but a pair of shorts. For reference, I wouldn't have even ridden that thing in one of those suits bomb defusers wear. I'm pretty sure he realizes his mistake the moment he takes off, and lands hard in the rocky flats a few seconds later. Admittedly, how he's able to get up and walk away so fast is impressive, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a hunk like Wolverine wouldn't have a bunch of illegitimate children running around testing their powers.

Keep going for the video, but just a heads up from a person who's hurt themselves a lot in the past: it did make my bones ache. Also there's absolutely no way he didn't completely fuse his butthole closed.

Thanks to AFton, who agrees he should have stood up the whole time for bonus style points, then impaled himself with his selfie stick to forfeit all those points.

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