Video Of Two Fluid Vortex Rings Colliding Perfectly Head-On In Slow Motion

June 21, 2018

This is a video over four years in the making of Destin from Youtube channel SmarterEveryDay and his quest to recreate this previously posed old scientific video of two fluid vortex rings colliding perfectly head-on, but recorded with today's latest high definition, slow-motion cameras. *shrug* I'm guessing our bucket lists aren't identical. Just a taste of everything that went into this experiment:

We used a computer controlled cylinder to pump fluid behind a rubber membrane to fire toroidal vortices out of the vortex cannons.

We fixed one of the vortex cannon in a stationary position, and used a multi-axis microscope stage to align a second cannon to it... which sounds incredibly easy, until you realize that

DYE density was an experiment all on its own.
If the density of the dye mix was light than water, the vortex would go up.
If the dye was more dense than water the vortex would fall.

We had to overcome SO MANY VARIABLES to overcome and we basically spent about 4 hours figuring each variable.
Water/dye temperature differential
Water turbulence
Water turbidity (cloudiness or haziness of a fluid)
How to reset the aquarium
Cannon Spacing
Cannon Nozzle
Cannon Shape
Dye homogeneity in the vortex itself
The piston displacement volume
The piston stroke speed
Rubber diaphragm tension, would make one side fire faster than the other.
Water or air to drive diaphram?
Firing speed (too slow and they drift, too fast and turbulence tears apart secondaries)
We did a complete redesign of the cannon 3 different times.
The Dye loading method was changed several times
At times We tried to maintain negative pressure on the cannon chamber... we also tried to put shutters on the front of the muzzle. Ultimately I decided it was ok to live with dye dripping out of the front.

We had to premix the dyes and eventually we got there.

It got to the point where we didn't even really know what success looked like and always thought we were there.

Fluid dynamics, am I right? "What about them?" No clue, everything I've ever learned about fluid dynamics I learned from hocking loogies. "You have spit all over your shirt." Sure, so I'm probably not ready to teach a college course about it yet. Definitely getting close though.

Keep going for this video, as well as a 12-hour edit that chronicles the whole journey in case you're working overtime today but not really working.

Thanks to John S, who agrees the secret to throwing hadouken punches has got to be here somewhere.

  • MustacheHam

    Weird...I was watching this yesterday evening. >3>... am I also a wizard?

    It was an amazing watch to see how the mini vortexes did form.

  • Jenness

    I want to see two hot straight dudes recreate this in a porn.

  • Fartbutt

    If two dudes ejaculate their sperm at each other until they get the perfect sperm collision result, I dont think they would be straight...

    Edit: definitely would be cool to achieve tho

  • Jenness

    Don't ruin it for me man. Like when dudes picture chicks in lingerie hitting themselves with pillows and getting it on. I don't interject and say "Well, in reality, a bunch of lesbians would be on a camping trip, in flannel, with salt & pepper mullets and body hair." I let YOU have your DREAMS so a little quid pro quo here would be nice. Two hot muscular straight guys - capeche - who just got too horny and there were no girls around until *makes Dreamweaver music play inexplicably* until I show up and then we party. THAT is how is goes!!!!

  • shashi

    Mullets you say. Do go on!

  • The_Wretched

    It's all good but, yeah, they aren't straight.

  • Jenness

    Booooo Hisssssssss *throws the pillow at you* You buzzkill.

  • TheQiwiMan

    I met Destin a couple years ago at a SkeptiCon, the dude is just as warm and friendly in person as he appears to be in all his vids. Such a freakin STUD.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I often forget who's who between Destin and Grant Thompson. But then I remember "Oh yeah, Grant Thompson sucks"

  • Bling Nye

    Sexy AF

  • TheMajesticWaterRuffalo

    Contributing the first comment on a post is difficult. The pressure builds. Do I make a joke? Do I simply stake my claim to first? And what of the embarrassment I'll feel when I take so long to post this that my comment is no longer the first?

  • GeneralDisorder

    I suggest telling Eric Ord he sucks or something. But then again I don't usually get here quick enough (sometimes because Akregator picks up the RSS within a few minutes).

  • shashi

    Never realised how important Eric is. Allowing us to post FIRSTS in the guise of a jab at him is genius and I, for one, will not take the firsty one for granted anymore

  • Geekologie

    decisions decisions

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