Video Of The Guinness World Record Holder For Most Marvel Comic Book Character Tattoos

June 7, 2018


This is a Guinness World Record video tour of Rick Scolamiero's 31 Marvel comic book character tattoos. Rick is the current known record holder for most Marvel character tattoos, until somebody else gets even more. The full list and locations of his current superfriends:

Mystique - neck

Galactus - left shoulder, top
Silver Surfer - left tricep
Phoenix - left inner bicep
Wolverine - left inner forearm
Spider-Man - left outer forearm
Black Widow - left abdomen
Spider-Man 2099 - left buttock
Doc Octopus - left hip
Mary Jane - left outer quadricep
Black Cat - left inner quadricep
Gwen Stacy - left upper hamstring
Green Goblin - left lower hamstring
Venom - left knee
Groot - left inner calf
Rocket - left inner calf
Gamora - left back calf
Star Lord - left outer calf
Drax - left outer calf
Daredevil - left inside ankle
Deadpool - right inside ankle
Red Skull - right inside calf
Captain America - right inside calf
Loki - right outer calf
Thor - right outer calf
Iron Man - right outer quadricep
Fin Fang Foom - right quadricep
Hulk - right inner quadricep
Thanos - right hamstring
Ultron - right hip
Vision - right buttock

An impressive list. He also has large Tupac and Bruce Lee and a baby's face tattoos that take up a lot of space but don't count towards the total. Those might come back to haunt him when somebody else gets 32 Marvel character tattoos, especially if they're smaller and all fit on a single tit or buttcheek. "He could always get a cover-up." I don't believe in cover-ups, that's like admitting you made a mistake. Besides, my body is my canvas, and my tattoos tell my sto-- "You look like a Jackson Pollock painting." Oh piss off.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to K Diddie, who's going to get a tattoo of Rick and all his tattoos and already be caught up.

  • Jenness

    That's sure a whole lot of time, blood, money and pain to show the world....what exactly? I just really questions people's inner motives on things like this.

    Do you want to escape and show everyone you're not a "simple human" like the rest of us - or are these heroes to you...just so many questions

  • Doog

    Why do Deadpool as a Lego character?

  • SamanthaFace

    exactly my thought as well. what a missed opportunity

  • Corky McButterpants

    “Fin Fang Foom!?” FFS grow up.

  • GeneralDisorder

    So... why is there a world record category for "most marvel comic book characters"... That's way too granular.

    They might as well just give me the world record for "most keystrokes as GeneralDisorder". The only competitor who might be nearly as prolific is the guy who has that name in Subaru forums.

  • wiggumc1

    What a colossal waste of money. How are those going to look at 65 or 70?

  • bigalosu

    He could have put a huge down payment on a house or bought several cars with the amount of money that cost. I'm not a responsible person, but this dude makes my 3yo nephew look like a genius.

  • TheQiwiMan

    "I WAS gonna get DC characters instead, but I was scared Batman was going to be the only one that turned out any good, and all the other characters would be giant flops."

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    he should have his genitals tattooed to be an extension of one of Doc Ock's arms holding a money bag with a $ on it. now there's real commitment.

  • Bling Nye

    The Mystique one from a distance makes him look like he's got a fuckin' goiter.

  • tyr2180

    So this guy has a world record for going to the store and buying more of a thing than anyone else has? Makes me wish I'd more carefully documented my Egg McMuffin purchases...

  • Wooder

    So he can recreate all Marvel movies by smashing his appendages together and also clenching his ass cheeks.

  • Meh

    When you do this and literally 95% are wack creations..

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