Video Of A Suburban Casually Plowing Down The Highway With No Front Driver Side Wheel

June 27, 2018


Note: Some appropriate cursing.

This is a video captured by a man listening to NPR in a rental vehicle of a Suburban plowing down the highway with no driver side front wheel. And it's not like he's driving on the rim either, there is NOTHING there. Now I've gone down enough police chase video rabbit holes on Youtube before bed to know that is not safe. Just what the hell is he doing? Obviously, a hit and run joyriding in a friend's Suburban he borrowed, presumably "just to make a couple runs to Home Depot." So, if you're this guy, here's what you do: park the Suburban back at your buddy's house like nothing happened. Then, when he sees what happened and calls you over to talk about it, you go over there, you look him dead in the eye, and you tell him you never even drove the truck, that neighborhood kids must have slashed the tire. You just need to realize though that at this very moment you may lose a friendship and/or have to fight an angry man with a tire iron.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Clint, who, like this man, is convinced spare tires are just a way for tire companies to make more money.

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