To Infinity And Beyond: NASA Moon Boot Plush House Slippers

June 5, 2018


These are the NASA Astronaut Boot Plush Slippers available from ThinkGeek ($40). They were inspired by the same boots worn by the actors playing astronauts that faked the moon landings. EXCEPT THEY'RE SOFT. Plus they're only available in adult sizes S/M and L/XL so you can tell any kid who wants a pair TOO BAD, PIPSQUEAK, SPACE IS FOR ADULTS. And I think we can all agree that these slippers will be OUT OF-- "This world?" What? No, out of stock soon, order today, don't delay. Bring them over for a sleepover and we'll jump on my bed and pretend we're on-- "The moon?" What? No -- on a different, nicer bed. One without bugs or the springs poking out.

Keep going for a detail shot.


Thanks again to Greg M, who agrees space themed parties are some of the best parties, especially if the host was kind enough to provide astronaut ice cream.

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