The World's Most Expensive Denim Jacket (Costs $4.6-Million, Contains Almost 5 Pounds Of Gold Studs, 129 Carats Of Diamonds)

June 29, 2018


This is 'Infinity', the world's most expensive denim jacket, created by designers Karl Mathers and Stuart Hughes. It was commissioned by "a famous musician" for the price of £3.5-million (~$4.6-million) and contains over 2.1 kilograms (~4.6 pounds) of 24k gold and platinum studs, and 121 carats of flawless diamonds -- including gigantic ones for the button accents. In case you couldn't tell because you have your eyes closed and are letting your computer read you this article in its soothing robot voice, the final result looks like a turd. Like if a dump took a dump, then that dump had diarrhea. "You're just jealous." I deserve to be rich and look cool!

Keep going for a shot a dude wearing the jacket and performing his daily affirmations in front of a mirror. "You're a cool dude, bro, you got this! The ladies f***ng love you, man!"


Thanks to v, who agrees the jacket looks like it should come as part of an 80's Hair band Halloween costume.

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