Smooth: Hot Air Balloon Pilot Hits Power Line, Emergency Lands In Lake

June 26, 2018


Note: Keep your volume down, power line explosion at 0:45 is intense.

This is a video of a hot air ballooner who nails a power line, then makes an emergency landing in a nearby lake while his buddy yells for everybody to get back. The lake landing looked like it was performed by a real expert, but that power line hit -- that looked like amateur hour. Thankfully, the balloon's pilot was completely unharmed in the incident, clearly because he opted for Jesus as his copilot on this trip. Sill, it's a shame Jesus won't ride with me anymore on account of always "Jesus, take the wheel"-ing him while I try to pee in a Gatorade bottle.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Collin F, who agrees I need to work some hot air balloon tricks into this year's neighborhood stunt spectacular.

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