Smashing Things With The World's Fastest Press

June 5, 2018


(above: a very confused water jug)

This is a video from the folks living the dream at the Hydraulic Press Channel of various objects being crushed (a block of ice, some non-Newtonian fluid, a jug of water, a Stretch Armstrong doll, and a large stack of paper) with the Smashinator 5,000,000, a smasher that smashes INCREDIBLY FAST (I like how it lifts the wooden pallet beneath it whenever the press starts coming down). The slow motion footage was actually pretty fascinating to watch, especially for the block of ice (1:40) and jug of water (4:20). You think there's some positive correlation between H2O and making cool crushing videos? "No." But there might be. "But there isn't." Just leave the research to me. "You're going to watch crushing videos on Youtube all day?" And toy review videos as my control group. "Do you even understand the scientific method?" Please, I'm a master experimenter -- like Benjamin Edison. "I give up." You should, I always win because I fight with my giant scientific brain.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to my buddy bradley, who agrees the world's actual fastest press are my fists.

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