Real Products That Exist: The Double Twin Bed With An X-Wing Fighter In The Middle

June 27, 2018


This is the Star Wars X-Wing Black Side-By-Side 6 Piece Twin Bookcase Bed Package available from Rooms To Go. It costs *putting on cool guy shades* an out-of-this-world *takes off cool guy shades, stomps them to pieces* $1,088 excluding mattresses. It has two headboard bookshelves, and an X-wing fuselage running right down the middle. Obviously, it's the perfect bed for the Star Wars loving couple that doesn't want to ever accidentally touch each other.

Keep going for oen more shot with the room Photoshopped out for clarity purposes.


Thanks to Dave H, who agrees there's no way that thing is ever gonna survive an even half-hearted lightpillow fight.

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