Person Attempts Reversing Down Narrow Country Lane To Let Oncoming Traffic Pass, Sucks At It

June 29, 2018

This is some dashcam footage from the Isle Of Skye in Scotland of the driver of a Hyundai i30 attempting to reverse down a narrow country road (Sheader Road in case that means something to you) to let oncoming traffic pass, and not doing a very good job of it. They just sort of pinball back and forth from one side of road to the other before completely cruising through a designated passing area (seen above) and finally reversing into someone's driveway to end this low speed fiasco. No word if the Hyundai owner has since reversed their car off the island and into the ocean, or done the right thing and traded it for a Vespa scooter.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees that driver was probably only one more turn away from backing their car through a fence and down the side of a hill.

  • TheQiwiMan

    I wonder why they felt the need to blur the face of that female driver?

  • Eric Ord

    Reminds me of me at my new job :(

  • Mark

    I don't understand why they didn't just pull off to the side and let the other car pass. (they actually did it about 9 times in the course of that clip!)

  • Wooder

    To be fair maybe she was putting on her make up at the same time!

  • Bling Nye
  • Geekologie

    oh man that's great

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