Parents Clear Bleachers To Rumble During 12-And-Under Girls' Softball Game

June 21, 2018


Note: Keep your volume low, screaming.

This is a video from a 12-and-under girls' softball tournament of a bunch of embarrassing parents clearing the bleachers to roll around on a grassy knoll together in what can only be described as the least erotic orgy of all time. Some details about exactly what transpired while I pop some popcorn and watch the brawl again. That lady threw a shoe!

the fight was between the parents and fans of two North Carolina girls softball teams -- the East Wilkes Cardinal Heat and the Blue Ridge Explosion.

"The Cardinals had won a game prior to this fight and they were supposed to play the winner of Blue Ridge and (another team),"..."Apparently some spectators were very vocal towards the umpire calls in favor of Blue Ridge and it just got louder and louder."

McLemore said some Blue Ridge parents then went over and had a verbal confrontation with some Cardinals parents. Then someone got pushed down a sloped area near field one. A parent from Blue Ridge then retaliated.

"And then all chaos broke out,"

In the aftermath, no injuries were reported, no one was arrested and both teams were disqualified from the tournament.

Wow, so half the parents involved didn't even have girls playing in the current game, they were supposed to play the winner of that game and felt the ump was making unfair calls. Now those are some parents who are too involved. Take a step back, maybe send some sunflower seeds and orange slices to the next game with another parent. I'm not sure what you're doing with your life, but there's got to be something better than getting your little girl's team disqualified from a softball tournament. "Weren't you banned from all your nephew's future baseball games?" Haha, it's hard to choke an ump out with that mask on but I got him.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Pat, who can't figure out why some parents wonder why their kids try to distance themselves.

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