Oh Wow: Disney's Surprisingly Human Robotic Stuntmen

June 29, 2018

Just a few weeks ago I thought Disney's Stickman was the mouse's latest and greatest in robotic stuntman technology. Little did I know. LITTLE DID I KNOW. This is a short video showcasing Disney's significantly more humanoid stuntbots doing a handful of different acrobatic tricks into nets. The robots are autonomous and self-correcting, and Disney sees a future for them both in their theme parks, as well as acting as stunt doubles in its movies. Me? I do all my own stunts. *waving arm cast* I broke this sucker diving out of a moving car during a chase scene. "He elbow-dropped a teddy bear on the coffee table playing WrestleMania." Mom!

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks to cjcjcjcjcj, who agrees there should be way more footage of them being shot out of cannons.

  • nice post.

  • Ok so the shot of the robot flying through the air just needed a cape and I would scream “Watch out man - Evil Robot Overlords are here!?”

  • Doog

    Great so now the robots are going to be taking Stunt Double's jobs and Olympic Gymnasts? When does it end!

  • The_Wretched

    The military will weaponize this tech. Even so, if I can get one to grab drones out of the sky, it'll all be worth it.

  • adsffda

    military? lol, DISNEY will weaponize this tech.

  • Allan Rogers

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  • Bling Nye

    Yeah, totally envisioning a killer robot launching trebuchet now. Nice.

  • Draco Basileus

    As long as they scream "wheeeeeee" when they're flying over the walls.

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