Nigerian Man Buries Father In $88,000 BMW Because He Always Promised Him A Nice Car

June 14, 2018


A Nigerian man recently buried his late father in an $88,000 BMW SUV because he always promised he'd buy his father a nice car. How touching. If he'd only bought it for him a couple days sooner.

The photo of the burial has gone viral on the internet. It shows the huge grave that was dug six feet deep by hand to accommodate his flash silver BMW coffin. Locals even quipped that the BMW is equipped with Sat Nav to help him find his stairway to heaven.

Wait -- so why didn't he buy the car for his dad while he was still alive? "He used his inheritance." Exactly. You know, you and I should really start our own detective agency -- nothing gets past us. You start drawing up the paperwork, I should have the money to rent an office as soon as the Nigerian prince I've been corresponding with fulfills his end of our bargain.

Thanks to v, who wants to be buried in Wonder Woman's invisible jet. Heck yeah, I wanna be buried in Santa Clause's sleigh.

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