Man Spends 10 Months Building And Beating The Near Impossible Super Mario Level He Created

June 28, 2018


This is a video of Twitch gamer GoSeigen beating his 'magnum opus' near impossible Super Mario Maker level after 112 hours of construction, 119 hours of practice, and 456 hours of upload attempts (a level creator has to beat their level before it can be uploaded for others to play). The level "requires players to navigate a long, seemingly impossible level with zero checkpoints and multiple frame-perfect tricks which require timing narrowed down to 1/60th of a second to complete." Previously: this other lunatic that spent 481 hours beating the level he made. I'm going to be honest: that does not look like a very fun level to play. I threw my controller enough just beating the original Super Mario Bros., I couldn't imagine tackling these levels. Tackling you for a tickle fight? That's another story. "Don't, I'll pee my pants." Ha, I already have twice today. I blame my dad for never stopping often enough on long car trips when I was young.

Keep going for the video, and the level code if you want to try it yourself is 7523-0000-03AA-2524.

Thanks to Challenge Accepted, who I'm confident will pour more than enough life into this level and still never beat it.

  • Darren McCoy

    That is in NO way fun.

  • Bubbubsky

    I'd still rather spend that time hiking, weight training, and drinking beer at different breweries.

  • Jenness

    Masochists, you're only hurting yourselves.

  • V_Ferg

    as others have said here I have no idea how anybody at that age finds time to do things like this for ungodly amounts of time and survives in life somehow... If this guy really has a full time job doing something to make enough to survive and still have all this free time please tell me what it is... Working from sun up to sun down every day just to get by then also trying to find time to spend with friends, family, as well as do chores, clean up, and repair things that break from time to time really really sucks... sigh

  • you see those "cheers" at the end? He was running that as a twitch stream, people were watching and tipping him real money to do that. Its entertainment to some people, so just like putting hours into our real world jobs, this guy gets paid to do that. Just like youtubers.

  • Jason Christopher

    Watching this playthrough gives me extreme anxiety.

  • Cheese

    The things people do when their body odour & cum stained sweatpants repel the opposite sex...

  • Fercho

    This is as sad as it is hilarious and true

  • TheQiwiMan
  • Jenness

    Hahhahahahaha EXACTLY!!!!

  • Scotty J

    Why is it always an overweight thirty-something white guy with long hair and a beard? A fistful of quarters says he did this all in his mom's basement.

    And I'll bet he wears a full-length trench coat when he goes to Walmart for supplies.

  • Javier Arreola

    I don't even have time to watch the entire video and he can play so many hours

  • Wooder

    This guy had >700 hrs to do this. Wow, I struggle to find time to do laundry...

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