Less Pouring, More Drinking: A Self-Filling Wine Glass With A Reservoir

June 22, 2018


This is the self-filling Glass Tank wine glass designed by Kouichi Okamoto. Your mom will definitely think it's one of those dab rigs all the kids are talking about. It holds a bunch of wine and, thanks to air pressure vs wine pressure, keeps the goblet at a constant level for sipping. Obviously, my aunt would love it. I can already hear her cackling. She went absolutely nuts when I bought her one of those glasses that fits right in the top of a wine bottle. Unfortunately, a single glass costs $325, so you're better off just doing what I do and-- "I'm not buttchugging a four-pack of wine coolers." Suit yourself.

Keep going for a couple more shots.




Thanks to my friend Michelle S, whose purple teeth I could sense through her email. Ahahahhahahhahahha, so are you already too tipsy for happy hour or what?

  • sizzlepants

    The kind of person who needs that much wine available to sip from without refilling also REALLY needs plastic glasses.

    This is what you get when you don't even do the least amount of market research.

  • Mark

    Where is the ostrich head?

  • ashley hernandez

    For some reason this reminds me of the pythagoras(?) wine glass, or it was another greek guy, that one is waay more fun to give to people though.

  • adsffda

    this needs a video of somebody attempting to drink from it

  • shashi

    and fill it up

  • Douchy McDouche

    Rule 34 in effect yet?

  • Doog

    I wonder if you could make an efficient beer chugging glass with this same concept. All I've got is yard glasses, beer bongs, and pink lawn flamingos (flabongos) in my collection

  • adsffda

    interesting as a novelty, but difficult to clean and poorly balanced/unwieldy

    easier to just drink from the bottle

  • Jenness

    People who really love wine, also tend to have some semblance of dignity and style. You can't swill this and stare haughtily at anyone. You'd look like a fool - a FOOL I say! Thumbs down with a sneer of disdain.

  • GeneralDisorder

    You never met my alcoholic neighbor. She had a perfect solution. She drank right out of the bottle.

  • Bling Nye

    "Mommy drinks because you cry."

  • Bling Nye

    Came for "buttchugging," was not disappointed.

  • Wooder

    So while you drink it looks like your holding a purple balloon to your face...and you also look like an alcoholic!

  • Nicholas Conrad

    Nothing says you couldn't fill it with anice white wine... Or vodka.

  • Kane Harrison

    But you want to drink white wine or vodka cold. They use this for red wine as it’s meant to be consumed at room temperature so it can sit in this glass for hours with no issues.

  • Meh

    For some reason this reminds me of the pythagoras(?) wine glass, or it was another greek guy, that one is waay more fun to give to people though.

  • Doog

    I was absolutely thinking the same thing. That glass is such a great idea

  • adsffda

    pythagoras had a dribble glass, klien had the klienbottle. not sure which you're thinking of.


  • Meh

    I was thinking of the Pythagoras greedy glass.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Is this what the kids call a ... *looks at notes*... "marijuana bong?"

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