Kid Breaks Statue At Museum, Parents Charged $132,000

June 19, 2018


This is a video news report about a child in a Kansas City community center museum who hugs a bust of a busty woman ("Mama?"), which then topples over on top of him (at which point he really gets his face right between those breasts) and onto the floor, breaking it. I like how the newswoman says the boy's mother "rushes over to help him," because that is arguably the most casual rush I've ever seen. In the mother's own words:

"Maybe this is like $800 or something. No, it's $132,000. I'm sorry, we're finished here."

Man, I still remember the first time I broke a penis off a statue at a museum. "How old were you?" Like six. "And the most recent time?" Not even a month ago. "Old habits die hard." I've kinda started my own little museum in a sock drawer.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jake, who agrees somebody needs to invest in one of those kid leashes.

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