I'm Flying Jack!: Wind Sends Porta-Potties Into The Sky

June 14, 2018

Note: Lower your volume, high winds.

In 'Dammit Rose, get down from there!' news, this is a video of high winds causing several porta-potties to take to the skies, spraying their disgusting contents everywhere, like an eagle with diarrhea. 'Let's have a picnic,' they said -- 'It's a great day for it,' they said. Now granted it's been a while since I've seen it, but this is not how I remember The Wizard Of Oz beginning.

Keep going for the video, but all the porta-potty action ends by 0:30. The rest is just footage of the worst picnic ever.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees you park a porta-potty on a wicked witch and she's gonna be glad she's dead.

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