I Would Die: Freediver Holding On To Anchor Descends To 145 Meters (~476 Feet)

June 20, 2018


This is a video of William 'Corpseface' Winram setting the world record in the variable weight discipline of freediving back in 2014 by descending to a depth of 145 meters (475.7 feet) with a single breath. For reference, I can't even hold my breath long enough for a dog fart to dissipate, and have come close to throwing up on several occasions. "Buy the liver treats," the guy at the pet store said, "She'll love them," he said.

Keep going for the video and try to hold your breath along with him and pass out at your desk.

Thanks to K Diddie and Lulu, who both agree Aquaman should not be allowed to hold freediving world records.

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