I Want Out: The $1,500 Double Shirt, A Shirt With Another Shirt Sewn To It

June 1, 2018


Because these truly are the end times we're living in, this is the $1,490 Double Shirt from fashion house Balenciaga. It's a short-sleeve dress shirt with a long-sleeve dress shirt sewn to the front. If you wear the short-sleeve shirt, the long-sleeve hangs from the chest. If you wear the long-sleeve shirt, the short-sleeve one hangs from the back. If you wear either you look ridiculous. And if $1,490 is a little out of your price range to look maximum horrible, they also offer a $1,290 T-Shirt Shirt -- the same concept except with a t-shirt and long-sleeve dress shirt. I hope you know I'm being honest when I say if I had access to the big red button I would have pushed it ten minutes ago and saved us all from this anger and confusion.

Keep going for a shot of the T-Shirt Shirt.


Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees we don't deserve earth anymore.

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