House Flipper, A House Flipping Simulation Video Game

June 26, 2018

Watch a lot of HGTV? Wish you could get more into house flipping but without actually getting your hands dirty? Enter House Flipper (links to Steam page), a house flipping simulation video game where players buy, repair and renovate, and resell homes. Haha -- suck it, Property Brothers, I just set the new world record! "No, it says you don't have enough free disk space to install the game." You know it's rude to watch over a person's shoulder when they don't know you're there.

Keep going for a short game trailer, as well as a half hour video of a guy flipping an apocalypse bunker in-game.

Thanks to Marc B, who agrees the key to flipping houses is being the Hulk and lifting with your knees.

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